Student Services
This system offers graduates of higher education a service to improve accessibility and quality of their CVs, which will be widely disseminated on the Internet to increase their visibility and opportunities for employment.

The project provides a range of free services to each graduate:

The compilation of the CV is reserved for graduates of the universities participating in the project.

Within the CV along with the personal information (name, place of birth, etc.) there is a description of graduate’s education (University, Faculty, higher education level, studying grades, diploma date, thesis title, subject and abstract, key words, thesis mentor, etc.).

CV also includes previous working experience and type of desired job, along with language and technical skills (e.g. ECDL), and an overview of previous relevant activities, publications, and credits. It is possible to enclose a link to the web page with additional referent data.

Graduates from the Faculty of Engineering Kragujevac can perform a registration in Database, after providing a signed consent, by using a following link: